What would you like to get out of this process

What: Participants were asked to generate responses to the question 'What would you like to get out of the By the Fire process by January?' and place them on one of four directions: Inspire, Create, Gather and Share, Reflect and Integrate. The responses formed the basis of the discussion for forming the cooperative inquiry group topics.

When: First workshop (September)

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Reflect and integrate

A stronger sense of my own capabilities

A tangible vision of the shape of the change required - in our teaching, the learning experience and the graduateness of our students

A portfolio of the gathered ideas co-created by the group to be presented to each of the universities involved and others.

Moving 'sustainable' teaching forward

An inspiring cohort of co-creators and provocateurs

How to bring some of my research into my teaching - how to make it relevant to masters and undergrads going into industry

Articulate teaching practices already taking place better

How to get students to view the fashion industry as a holistic, cyclical process not a linear chain

To get some feedback on my teaching practice

Examine where students can build theory into practice subjects (and how?)

Education for paradigm shifts

Sit by a fire

To reflect on successful methods to introduce sustainability at BA level

A better understanding of challenges and opportunities in teaching and learning sustainability from collective experiences

Direction and confidence

Finding ways of merging creative practice with teaching

Interconnection between groups / institutions

Gain confidence (and strategies) and be constructively disruptive of established structures

An on-going conversation which moves forward... but slowly



New teaching methods

Different perspectives

Personal growth, professional growth within a nurturing environment which challenges stagnancy

New words / terms / definitions

A 'vision' of the future of my teaching, including: a better understanding of how we can influence industry through teaching // New teaching methods // A better understanding of what change might entail

Have company!

A collecting of ideas around pedagogies and practices and agency.

Ways for students to form and articulate (verbally / visually / 3 dimensionally) their values and aply them in their studies

Evolved language and definitions of 'sustainability'

New perspective, fresh perspectives

New understandings

Re-defining 'sustainability' => how to encourage students to do this themselves

A means to continue the connection of the community post January

Joyful learning and teaching for sustainability, pleasure and responsibility, awareness and joy

Connecting students to how design decisions affect consumer behaviour

To exchange ideas with designers who have worked with sustainable supply chains


GAther and share

To make connections with those educating in my field (retail, consumer behaviour, business models and supply chains)

Links to a network of like minds

Resources/techniques for getting u/grads passionate about responsible fashion

How to learn and teach with and in nature

Try out my ethical fashion case study in different colleges

Cross-institute collaboration

A better understanding of institutional challenges of implementing sustainability in education

Ideas and techniques for inspiring students to be more socially responsible to better prepare them for industry - and for them to understand what this looks like.

Share resources and examples of curriculum

A network of like-minded colleagues

Shared teaching practice

Collaborative research in the area of PGrad pedagogy for sustainability

Evidence of scenarios for transformative fashion education

Shared practice across the disciplines of fashion - a common ground

To discuss and share experience on teaching sustainability to interdisciplinary design groups including fashion

Sense of community

A sharing of curriculum models for fashion as sustainability and feedback on the ones that we are developing

Learn from the experience of this community, share connections

A network of like-minded people / educators to start a movement

A community of support



Understand whether fashion design education can have a space for not designing 'stuff'

Create graduates who can really drive these issues in the future and make a real change

Forming a community to question ideas

Add to my understanding of what I think 'good teaching' in this field entails

Fostering engagement with students

To identify sustainable business model case studies, especially small enterprises

Have fun :-)

Artifact or document of the collective process

Potential future collaborations

Try something out, experiment, prototype, try something a bit more wild

'manifesto' for sustainable fashion education/educators

Not just teaching the basics. How to take it further at BA?

Feminism and ecology... What are the ways of learning and teaching that explore this as a source of change?

Defining fashion future - roles, changes, policies?

Space to experiment and play with ideas for fashion education outside of everyday jobs and practice

Some ideas or how we can excite students about the opportunities in sustainability

(New) ways to generate awareness through making