I know you are currently working on your final major project, and so for you this is an important year. As you begin a new semester, you have been thinking whether sustainability is relevant to your work, your career and your future. Can I tell you … it is.

Thank you for your continued interest in and commitment to fashion’s relationship with nature and society. In recent times, your support has enabled great work to develop within our institution, raising the profile of sustainability across teaching, research and our interactions with industry. But we know there is still more to be done

I still remember starting out on an undergraduate fashion design course as a first year student, full of hopes and dreams, as well as some serious misunderstandings about the ‘glamorous world of fashion’. While my studies were invaluable in situating our design thinking within a wider context, I can’t help but feel an opportunity was missed to educate us about the wider world of fashion and its greater truths.